kaschkasch zet shelving system

ZET is a smart shelving system with a light, airy, and minimalistic appearance. the whole system consists of two components only: the wooden u-shaped shelves and the metal frame construction. by assembling those two parts, you are able to build several different formations in order to achieve the expression you prefer.

kaschkasch - zet - 2

kaschkasch - zet - 3

kaschkasch - zet - 4

the design is easily assembled and can be changed and remodeled whenever you want. ZET is produced with high quality materials and the system is engineered for maximum stability: the diagonal z-strut brings stability in the direction of the depth while the wide frames of the u-shaped shelves provide stability along the entire length. freestanding, ZET can also serve as a room divider.

kaschkasch - zet - 5

kaschkasch - zet - 6

kaschkasch - zet - 7

kaschkasch - zet - 8

kaschkasch - zet - 9

kaschkasch - zet - 10

photography by thomas wiuf schwartz