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    Outdoor sofa

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This modular outdoor sofa consists of several coordinated pieces of furniture that together create the perfect lounge ambience. The flexible design allows for a variety of individual combinations that suit your needs, adapting well to the size and space of your outdoor area.

You can create the classic, L-shaped sofa as well as a smaller two-seater with pouf - and many other individual arrangements. If you need an extra seat to welcome a friend to the party, simply add an extra unit.

Although designed for outdoor use, the Grow series has some of the same qualities as classic indoor furniture. The softness of the fabrics around a soft foam core and the puffy, slightly curved shapes ensure that the furniture is cosy and inviting when relaxing outdoors. The accentuated stitching detail, which runs like an endless ribbon and literally frames the seat and back gives this furniture its very own touch.

Work In Progress