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    Karl Andersson

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    Folding chair

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The idea behind this folding chair is based on the desire for a comfortable folding chair. It’s innovation can be found in the seat, which is made of one single plywood part that connects all constructive elements.

Clean lines and a restrained attitude makes the Colo chair the perfect solution for flexible seating arrangements. Colo works in cafés, restaurants, canteens and conference rooms as well as at home and as an extra chair that can be hung out of the way on the wall, ready for use when needed.

Colo chair weighs 3.4 kg. Each chair folds to a width of 89 mm. Common hand tools are all that is required to simply separate each chair into its components, which makes it super easy to replace parts or full-life recycle. Optional extras are fixed seat pads, link fittings, solid wood suspension brackets and a trolley for storing and transporting up to 12 chairs.

Work In Progress